The Growers

Ross Hennessy and Marina Kesso are both qualified Herbalists with over 1o years experience growing medicinal plants. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge of herbal medicine and growing medicinal plants with the public. They teach courses and workshops on growing herbs, using wild plants and making herbal remedies at the farm and around Ireland. They run their clinical practice Iona Herbal where they treat medical conditions using herbal medicines, nutritional therapy and naturopathy. They make many of their tinctures and remedies from the plants grown on the farm.


Ross offers consultancy services to growers who wish to produce commercial quantities of organic medicinal herbs. He can advise on crop selection, expected yields both fresh and dried, adding value to your crop by means of processing, market outlets in Ireland and in Europe. Ross offers full training to growers in GACP (Good agricultural and collection practices for medicinal plants) and HACCP.

Site visits and consultancy services start from €150.